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Pupil Code of Conduct


All in school, each pupil and member of staff, are expected to be SAFEREADY and RESPECTFUL.

Children can demonstrate they are safeready and respectful by:

  • Behaving in an orderly, self-controlled and safe way
  • Report to school on time for registration and all lessons
  • Act with dignity and show respect to members of staff and each other
  • In class, make it possible for all pupils to learn
  • Move quietly around the school
  • Treat the school buildings and school property - as well as the property of others - with respect
  • Wear the correct uniform (including PE kit) at all times with a good level of self-presentation
  • Bring items into school as needed (reading book with reading journal, PE kits, etc.)
  • Complete tasks to deadlines (homework etc.)
  • Accept sanctions when given
  • Refrain from behaving in a way that brings the school into disrepute, including when outside school

More information on our approach to behaviour and standards can be found here: