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Year 4

Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)

These have been introduced by the Government and are designed to help ensure children in primary school know their times tables up to 12 off by heart by the time they are in Year 4. As well as being important for everyday life, knowledge of times tables helps children to solve problems quickly and flexibly, and allows them to tackle more complex mathematics later on in school.

  • The test will be sat by 8 and 9 year-olds in Year 4. There will be no pass mark and no expected standard threshold for the MTC. Results from the check will not be published at school level, and will not be used by Ofsted or others to force changes in schools.
  • Pupils will answer 25 questions based on the 2 to 12 times tables and will have 6 seconds to answer each one.
  • The specification and time available are informed by trials the Government ran that showed 6 seconds was the optimum amount of time to allow for each question.

For further information about these checks, please visit here and see the video below.

Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) information video

The school is participating in the voluntary pilot for the Year 4 MTC in June 2019 prior to when it becomes statutory in June 2020. This video provides more information on what parents, pupils and schools can expect.

Year 4 Road Safety with Imogen

Contact the Year Group Leader - Mrs Napper

Mrs Napper is the Year 4 Leader. Should you have anything you wish to bring directly to her attention, please use this form. Under our service standards, you should expect an answer within 3 school working days. Thank you.

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