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Work Experience

Work Experience

If you are a student at a local secondary school/college and need to arrange work experience in a Key Stage 2 environment, please use the contact form below to introduce yourself and to explain which particular aspects of school operations you would like to be involved with. 

You should also provide the details of your link tutor at your secondary school/college in order that your identity can be verified and to agree the specific terms of your placement. Please tell us the dates you would like to have the placement for and the frequency (whether daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)

Places are limited at any time and are at the discretion of the Headteacher. 

Please note than anyone over 18 will be subject to a DBS check.

Work Experience Contact Form

Please use this form to introduce yourself, your school tutor details, your preferred work experience dates and that part of the school environment you wish to have experience of. Thank you.

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