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Our current vacancies are detailed on this page. Candidates for all positions (paid or voluntary) should read the Privacy Notices, which can be found further down this page. Most teaching vacancies we have also appear on the Government's Teaching Vacancies website.

Teacher Vacancy 

Any vacancies we have might not match your experience or abilities. To gain experience in order to have evidence of your skills for when a vacancy arises, why not consider volunteering some of your time to work alongside us?  Details of how to volunteer can be found here:

Regulated Activity

The majority of our roles - whether as paid employees or as unpaid volunteers - involve regulated activity.

Regulated activity means a person would be:

  • Responsible, on a regular basis in a school or college, for teaching, training, instructing, caring for or supervising children; or
  • Carrying out paid, or unsupervised unpaid, work regularly in a school or college where that work provides an opportunity for contact with children; or
  • Engaging in intimate or personal care or overnight activity, even if this happens only once and regardless of whether they are supervised or not

I​​​​​​t is an offence to apply for a role with us if an applicant is barred from engaging in regulated activity relevant to children.

Our policies and procedures relating to teachers can be found here:
Our policies and procedures relating to school staff can be found here:
Our policies and procedures relating to governors can be found here:

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in our vacancies, you can contact us to arrange a visit to the school using this form.

Should none of these roles be suitable or we have no paid vacancies, you may be interested in volunteering some of your time to help out here.  If this is the case, please click on the link below to visit our volunteering page:
LOVING ALL OUR NEIGHBOURS - John 15: 12 'This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.'