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Loving All Our Neighbours

Ofsted Reports

Ofsted Inspections

Ofsted said we remain a ‘good’ school in our short inspection report following a one-day visit on 2nd February 2017.

The Ofsted inspector concluded:

  • There is an extremely strong sense of cohesion in the school;
  • There is an effective team whose members work together to provide high-quality learning opportunities and good support for the pupils;
  • Pupils appreciate the fact that every pupil is well known and that they look after each other;
  • Staff say that there are high expectations for the outcomes of all pupils and that there is real rigour to the new systems brought in since September 2016;
  • Senior staff have formed a strong partnership and provide clear direction for the school;
  • Staff [have been empowered] to lead in the school, which has increased the school’s capacity for improvement;
  • Teaching assistants and teachers work well together to support pupils’ needs... this enables pupils to make rapid progress and consequently standards are rising;
  • Assessments show that current pupils are making stronger progress than pupils have done previously, particularly in writing;
  • Pupils value their time in lessons because they say that staff explain difficult ideas clearly;
  • Pupils produce well-written pieces of work for a range of subjects;
  • Lessons typically, but not consistently, have a good level of challenge;
  • Pupils have good opportunities to find things out for themselves;
  • Leaders have detailed knowledge of how pupils are progressing and use this effectively to plan next steps;
  • Leaders work closely and effectively with other professionals to protect pupils.

Moving forward, we are working hard to ensure that pupils’ writing skills match those in reading and mathematics which have typically been the stronger results for the school in recent years. We will achieve this by increasing the opportunities for pupils to write at length and by putting English at the centre of our curriculum. Furthermore, we will continue raising the level of challenge offered to all children including the More Able across all subjects.

Ofsted Parent View

Ofsted Parent View gives you an opportunity to comment on 12 aspects of the school, including the quality of teaching and learning, pupil behaviour and attitudes to bullying.  While this is a useful tool to gather information about what our parents think, contributions are anonymous so we are unable to deal with any concerns that are specific to your child.  If you do have a concern it is best to contact us directly so we can respond quickly to help you and your child.

LOVING ALL OUR NEIGHBOURS - John 15: 12 'This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.'