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What Now? School Re-Opening Statement from Mr Rhodes

Good morning! Parents and carers will be aware of reports in the media this morning about plans for the full re-opening of schools being put on hold, reports such as this:
At the moment, I am waiting for the DfE to send Headteachers specific guidance regarding what is happening both in the short term (up to the summer break) and longer term (what we should be doing from September).
If - in the longer term - we are expected to keep class sizes at a maximum of 15 with strict bio-security measures which include children and adults from these smaller classes not being allowed to mix with each other, repeated cleaning during the day and with a significant proportion of staff still shielding due to them being vulnerable in various ways, the potential is that school in the Autumn will not be as it has been historically and - more likely - will be a combination of part-time on-site learning mixed with continued remote learning on ClassDojo.
However, if the rules are relaxed sufficiently by September, we may be back to "business as normal".
Unfortunately, just now, I do not have the answers and no-one can tell me what to plan for - and, believe me, I have been asking for that guidance for weeks!
You have my promise, though, that as soon as I have clarity, you will have it so that we can all move forward purposefully and positively to ensure everyone's safety while providing a fully broad and balanced educational experience and happy childhood for each and every one of our brilliant pupils. In the meantime, colleagues are still working tirelessly to maintain ClassDojo and an in-school experience for Year 6, Key Worker and vulnerable children - we are all determined to ensure that every child is supported as best they can be at this time and going forward.
In the meantime, keep safe; stay happy; be kind.

Richard D Rhodes, Headteacher

LOVING ALL OUR NEIGHBOURS - John 15: 12 'This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.'