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School Operations for the Rest of Term

Dear Parents & Carers,

As promised, here's an update on in-school provision until the end of the academic year. This message includes important changes to the number of days school will be open for.

Next week, commencing 15th June, school will be open every morning to Year 6 Groups and remains open as usual for KWV Groups for full days. There will be no Wednesday morning shutdown.

From the week after, commencing 22nd June, we are expanding our provision to allow more children in from each Year Group. We are also increasing the time in school for Year 6. To do this, we are doubling the number of KWV groups to 4 (one for each Year Group - the structure being that each is for that Year Group and any younger siblings in the school, thereby maintaining the integrity of each family's bio-security as much as possible).

If you believe you are entitled to a KWV place for your child, please email the School Office ( or direct-message me on ClassDojo to reserve a place for 22nd June 2020 onwards. We will need to see evidence of your Key Worker status as places are strictly limited. Additionally, we will be expanding our definition of vulnerable children to beyond those with a Social Worker to include those with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. Such places will be offered by the school on the basis of the information we hold about children and their needs. If you think your child would benefit from such a place, please email the School Office (or direct-message me) giving your reasons why. Please be reminded that, due to current restrictions, there will be only 15 places available in each KWV Group so spaces are very much on a first-come-first-served basis.

To be able to move our whole school to longer hours for Year 6 Groups and increased KWV provision with the existing personnel we have (keep in mind that several classroom colleagues - myself included - are unable to work in school yet due to our vulnerability to the virus and so our resourcing is now at maximum-stretch), I have to factor in the PPA (planning, preparation & assessment time) teachers are contractually obliged to receive. Current restrictions around reduced class numbers and strict no mixing rules mean that I cannot put in cover teachers as would be the case if we were operating normally.

Consequently, each Zone - including the KWV groups - will operate on 4.5 days a week, allowing me to release teachers for a half-day each for their PPA. These half-days vary Zone-by-Zone and are detailed in the accompanying illustration. One benefit of this is that I can ensure cleaning staff have the time to deep clean each Zone thoroughly on a weekly basis alongside the existing cleaning we maintain daily.

Further details will be sent to parents/carers in due course but - for now - please note the afternoon when your child will not be in school, in case you need to work other commitments around it.

Our aim is to maintain this schedule for the four KWV Groups through to the end of the academic year on 22nd July.

However, the Year 6 Groups (except Yr 6 & Siblings KWV) will finish on Friday 17th July. This allows us to use the space they have been using to bring in Year 2 children for transition into the school during week commencing 20th July.

If you have any questions around this, please direct message me personally on ClassDojo.

Thank you.


Richard D Rhodes


LOVING ALL OUR NEIGHBOURS - John 15: 12 'This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.'