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Loving All Our Neighbours

An Appeal: End Inconsiderate Driving and Parking Around School

Calling all parents & carers who are driving their children to and from school!

Now, I know that most of you are thoughtful, caring individuals who drive and park with due consideration to others and the environment. I'm not talking about you but thank you for doing your best and setting your children a great example.

I am, however, talking to the few who are bringing the school into disrepute with some quite awful examples of how not to be safe, ready or respectful; where "loving all our neighbours" clearly relates to someone else, not them.

In the last 24 hours, neighbours have made complaints about how parents and carers are being selfish and inconsiderate while driving and parking on both Denham Close and Westborough Road.

Yesterday, two cars parked on opposite kerbs meaning that no-one could get in or out of Denham Close, inconveniencing our neighbours (see the pictures for a photograph of the offending vehicles).

This morning, we received this email from a neighbour on Westborough Road:

"I just wanted to raise again the issue of parents parking when picking up children in Westborough Road.
"As you turn into the road daily there are cars on both side on the bend and up the road making it very difficult to safely get into the road. They walk or run out in front of cars without looking or thinking there could be other traffic.
"Today again a parent swung their door open causing me to slam on the breaks and then displayed such rudeness when I asked them to be careful. Some have also blocked residence drives .
"Its a constant issue and I have brought this up before.
"I understand its busy and that there is a need for parents to pick up a child but could they please park with a safety consideration for the children , residents and themselves. Many thanks for your understanding."

We appreciate that the COVID-19 one-way system through the school grounds has resulted in one drop off point in the morning, around Denham Close, and one pick up point on Westborough Road which have, at times, have increased traffic and made parking difficult.

However, no matter how difficult the circumstances, it is important that good standards and attitudes are modelled to our - your - children.

So, if you need to drive and must use Denham Close or Westborough Road please do so with a good attitude. Better still, park a little further away and walk a little further. Best of all, avoid driving to and parking around the school if you can.

The school has no power to enforce these expectations and we rely on your good will to foster better relations between the school community and our neighbours, so - please - help us be a better neighbour because, if you don't, our neighbours will be within their rights to turn to the authorities to enforce road regulations properly, something none of us want.

Thank you - and please - stay safe; keep happy; be kind.
LOVING ALL OUR NEIGHBOURS - John 15: 12 'This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.'