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Great results for All Saints: Year 6 results above national and RBWM averages

Over the last two years, due to the pandemic, there have been no national end of KS2 SATs tests. However, this does not mean there has been no performance data for the school.

Despite no SATs, we still had our Year 6 children sit proper SATs papers in full exam conditions during the Summer Term and their data was put through a national comparator site run by leading educational data company Fisher Family Trust. These results also went on our internal tracking system, oTrack. Both systems use this data to compare us to other schools nationally and locally, across RBWM, and their analysis is rigorous.

I am delighted to report how well the children did in the summer and here is our headline data:

* Combined reading, writing & maths results: 68% (4% above National average which is 64% and 0.7 above RBWM average)
* Value added +2% (on average, children are leaving with higher grades than when they start)
* Overall, girls at All Saints score significantly above both RBWM and National datasets
* Children with SEN score higher than National in the combination of reading, writing and maths
* 40% of children achieved the higher standard in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling compared to 21% nationally

While the pandemic has been impactful, our children still did very well and it is clear that our mixture of live and pre-recorded remote lessons during lockdown worked well, for those who engaged with them, keeping standards high. Also, far from being harmed by the restructure we undertook in April, children went on to thrive, with more settled classrooms and focused Quality First input which successfully fostered significant levels of peer-support.

The focus on Quality First Teaching, growth mindset and metacognition within a nurturing but challenging mixed form format - where we teach to the most able and differentiate accordingly for all other abilities - it is clear that the school is now able to deliver results that challenge both national and local authority averages, even in the most trying of circumstances.

We must now build on this great performance to ensure these figures continue year-on-year, developing our boys and disadvantaged groups, while more able children could do better yet in reading and writing - but, as a starting point as we exit the pandemic, we are very well placed to consolidate these fantastic figures, proving that All Saints can achieve academically strong results alongside a nurturing ethos that aims to ensure children here thrive through having happy, fulfilling childhood experiences.

LOVING ALL OUR NEIGHBOURS - John 15: 12 'This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.'