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Getting Ready for the Start of the New Term

With the start of the new academic year only 2 weeks away, please expect regular messages from now on - published first on ClassDojo - to help you and your child prepare for September.

Today: personal stationery

The DfE says that, while COVID-19 persists, pupils (and staff) should use their own stationery and not share with others: "For individual and very frequently used equipment, such as pencils and pens, it is recommended that staff and pupils have their own items that are not shared" and "that pupils limit the amount of equipment they bring into school each day, to essentials such as lunch boxes, hats, coats, books, stationery and mobile phones. Bags are allowed."

So, from September, could your child please have a pencil case with a low surface area (in other words, plain and smooth - not furry - so that it can be easily wiped down regularly) containing:
* blue-ink handwriting pen (no ballpoint pens please)
* red-ink handwriting pen (for self-marking their own work)
* HB pencil
* pencil-sharpener
* ruler (ideally transparent and 30 cm if possible)
* colouring pencils (no gel-pens, felt-tips or wax-crayons please)
* eraser
* glue-stick
* paper-cutting safety scissors (if possible, while classroom stocks will be available not having to share avoids possible contamination with the virus)
* geometry set (protractor, compass, etc - although, these, again, will be available is class, as with scissors)
* personal hand gel/sanitiser (for personal use, if desired)
* hand-cream (as with hand gel/sanitiser - some find that repeated handwashing causes irritation: an unscented hand-cream may be used to reduce inflammation/redness)

All items should be clearly named (using a permanent marker) or label (paper labels are best covered in a layer Sellotape to prevent them wearing away quickly) and your child should be made aware that they must avoid sharing with anyone else and that, equally, they cannot ask to borrow anyone else's materials. The children's pencil cases and their contents should go home every day and it is recommended that all the items are wiped down with disinfectant.

For some families, I recognise that providing a pencil case with these items will be difficult and I would urge them to contact the School Office to request loan equipment.

Thank you.
LOVING ALL OUR NEIGHBOURS - John 15: 12 'This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.'