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Behaviour & Anti-Bullying

Behaviour and Anti-Bullying

At All Saints we believe that children learn best from the good examples set before them and that an effective behaviour policy requires close partnership between parents, school staff and children. By adopting a system of rewards to reinforce good standards and behaviour we aim to let everyone experience the benefits that flow from them: a safe environment with clear expectations in which everyone can flourish.  We expect this positive attitude at all times in school, both in lessons and in the playground, on school outings and journeying to and from school.


The school's expectations of children's behaviour is laid out in our Written Statement of Behaviour Principles and the Pupil Code of Conduct:

Written Statement of Behaviour Principles & Pupil Code of Conduct

The Behaviour Policy has been re-drafted to incorporate legislative changes around safeguarding.  This is the working draft school will be operating to from 1st September 2021, the date from which the legal changes are effective. The policy goes to governors for approval at the September Full Governing Board meeting. At that time the final version of the policy will be presented here.

In those cases where behaviour needs supporting beyond normal classroom strategies, a child will be helped first through a Behaviour Support Plan and then a Pastoral Support Plan. Pastoral Support Plans involve outside agencies in the support of a child and the child's family and are designed to prevent exclusion:

Behaviour Support Plan (BSP)

Pastoral Support Plan (PSP)

Peer-on-Peer Abuse, including Bullying

In encouraging good behaviour and standards, the school takes a similar approach with regard to various kinds of peer-on-peer abuse, including bullying.  Our approach to bullying is outlined in our Anti-Bullying Policy.  Wider issues of peer-on-peer abuse are dealt with in our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.

More information about our approach to peer-on-peer abuse and bullying can be found on this page of our website:
Further information regarding how the school deals with peer-on-peer abuse can be found here:
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