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Loving All Our Neighbours

6.1 Mrs Delgado

Thank you Y6 for making our residential to North Wales a great one! I had the best time! smiley

Our Class Timetable: Summer 1! Easter Holidays - May Half Term

Reaching new heights in 6.1

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Well Done Award - Jackson S

Respect - Jaya B 

Some of us were feeling a little bit apprehensive about our SATs next week so, to take our minds off them, Mrs D arranged for the chicks to come back and see us... look how much they’ve grown!!

We had a go at the Charleston today! We learnt the classic steps and put together routines in groups. Each week we will be learning a different dance from WW2! Keep an eye out for more examples 😊

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We ended the term with an Easter egg hunt! 🍫

Booster Group reminder: percentages from this evening!

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We had some new class members today! We want them to stay! 🐣

Not our usual type of circle time!! 🐣

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Our trip to Cadbury World to study the Maya Civilisation was GREAT!

Today we made a human circuit! Mrs Delgado was the cell holding a bowl full of energy (skittles), our class were little parts of electricity running through the wires (playground markings), Mrs Kumar was the switch (if she turned off, we had to stop!), Aaisha was the light bulb (where the electricity powered it up with star jumps!). After moving their way through the circuit, our little electricity particles started to feel tired so got an energy boost (a skittle) every time they passed the cell again!

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World Book Day 2019!

A group of us working on a tricky maths problem


Our topic is 'Let It Shine!'

We have been learning all about light and how the human eye works.

(Just look at these eyeballs we made in art- Mrs D says they stare at her while she marks after school!)



After half term, our top is all about electricity!

Last half term, we wrote flashbacks inspired by 'The Piano' by Aiden Gibbons. Check out the animation that we are using in class, below - it is rather moving!

We wrote some stunning flashbacks based on this.


We are currently writing explanation texts about how the human eye works. Did you know that our tears have their very own disinfectant that helps wash the eye?! Amazing!




That's all for now!

Mrs D :)

Lydia’s writing got her through to the finals of the Maidenhead Rotary Competition. Well done, Lids!

My 6.1 superstars, who were so fantastic today, didn’t even want to stop playing when the sky pelted us with snow! ❄️ Today we learnt how to pass while travelling. We’ve perfected the push pass. Now... where’s my hot water bottle?!

Today in art, we had a go at weaving- just like the Maya civilisation did. Do you think we should try weaving some clothes next?!

We made colour wheels and attached them to motors in circuits to see if the colours went white when sped up. Khadeeja noticed hers was moving too slowly so decided next time to add more batteries!

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We used prisms to refract light into its separate colours due to the different wave lengths. Can you see the little rainbows on our whiteboard?

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The Law of Reflection! We learnt about the angles of incidence and reflection in science today using mirrors and torches. Mrs D then gave us targets around the room to hit with our lines of reflection!

In art we are playing with silhouettes as part of our topic on light. Ibby, this is outstanding!

In history we are learning about the Ancient Mayan civilisation. Did you know they supposedly discovered cocoa which is how we have chocolate?!

Today we wrote letters of complaint to the coastguard for not saving Cherry in time. We’ve been working on formal letter writing this week - what do you think? Well done Malghalara and Yusuf for these pieces below:

Today we learnt about the process of fossilisation and how it gave Charles Darwin evidence of evolution! At the end of the lesson we had a go at being paleontologists; we tried to excavate dinosaur bones (chocolate chips) from sedimentary rock (cookies!) without damaging them!

I challenged my class to a gingerbread house-making competition! Really not as easy as it looks! Nobody sign me up for the next Bake Off...

I have just received the feedback from Helen Sharman - Guild of Drama Adjudicators.

Here's some of what she had to say about our Macbeth performance at Norden Farm:

"We were treated to some strong performances. The witches all had clear voices and their choral sections were spot on. Macbeth spoke with confidence and authority and she, (the part was played by a girl) had excellent rapport with the audience. She displayed fine hysterics at the vision of Banquo and died with aplomb! His lady spoke with understanding and certainly gave her husband a piece of her mind. She should be congratulated on a spectacular death fall, too. Macduff also gave a strong performance and had a great evil laugh. Overall, the groupings were pleasing and the cast moved with assurance. A most entertaining take on this famous play. Well done!"

Because we have read Kensuke’s Kingdom, we looked at Japanese Manga. What do you think?

Today we wrote messages to Michael’s best friend, Eddie. We told him about how Kensuke has been nursing us back to health... have a look at Marina’s work from today!

We wowed at Norden Farm this week! "I feel like a celebrity" - Skye J, 2018

Here are a few of our boys from the school football team wearing the new football kit. They look so smart! Good luck with your first match, boys!

In science we have been learning about the circulatory system! Today was all about how nutrients are absorbed by blood and carried around the body.

Copy and paste this link for a fun video which explains how it all works - it could help you with your homework: 




PE Days This Year 

Tuesday - Outdoor PE (Hockey this half term)

Thursday- Indoor PE (Gymnastics this half term)







Monday - Maths Homework set online or in folders - Due in next day

Tuesday - English Homework in folders - Due in on Thursday

Wednesday - Spellings to learn for next Wednesday 

Thursday - Topic Homework in folders - Due in on Monday


Today, Ibby won the school’s Good Manners trophy. Adults and children have noticed how polite and helpful he has been recently and we couldn’t be prouder of you, Ibby!

As we are learning about the human heart, we got hands-on today by dissecting lamb hearts and finding the different parts that we’d learnt about! Thanks so much to Mrs Neal (a true heart expert!) who did a very informative demonstration before we got started.

6.1 Mrs Delgado

Mrs Delgado is the Class Year 6 Teacher and Year 6 Leader. Should you have anything you wish to bring directly to her attention, please use this form. Under our service standards, you should expect an answer within 3 school working days. Thank you.

LOVING ALL OUR NEIGHBOURS - John 15: 12 'This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.'