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Well Done no

Georgia for her fantastic Denmark project





Eid Mubarak!


This week, many members of our class celebrated Eid, marking the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan. To mark this occasion, children who celebrated gave us an excellent explanation of what Ramadan is, why people fast and told us all about the celebration of Eid. They did an excellent job of answering lots of tough questions too! We all learnt a lot about and found it very interesting. The children also brought in some delicious food to share with the rest of the class. We tried lots of new things, some of us found some new favourites!

3D Shapes


This week we have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. In today's maths lesson, we had to use our knowledge of both to draw nets and create our own 3D shapes.

We really enjoyed being able to use our knowledge and our artistic skills!

Living Eggs


This week we had some egg-stra special visitors in our classroom. We have had some chicks from the Living Eggs company in school for the last two weeks. We have been able to watch them hatch from their eggs and grow. 

On Wednesday, the chicks came into our classroom and we were finally able to hold and stroke them! They were really cute, although a little bit messy too!

Henley River & Rowing Musem


On Friday 29th March, our whole year group went on a trip to Henley River and Rowing Museum as part of our topic work on rivers and our science work on forces.

We started our day looking at how water and air resistance affect floating and sinking, and how boats move across the water. We also looked at how levers work to help rowers. 

Then we got a chance to build our own balloon powered boats! We could use two balloons, two straws and a variety of other junk modelling equipment. We tested them on the paddling pool to see if they could move on their own.

After a break for lunch on the meadow, in the sun, we had a chance to look around the museum itself. We found out all about the history of rowing and some information about the River Thames. We all really enjoyed looking at exhibit on the story of the Wind in the Willows too.



As part of our work on rivers, we have been learning about the different features and how they form. We learnt about oxbow lakes, meanders and more. 

In our Geography lesson, we got to have a go at creating meanders ourselves! We poured paint down some tables (covered in cling-film, of course!) and watched how it flowed. As it moved along the table, we watched the paint trail form its own meanders.

May the Force Be With You: Stunning Start

Junk Rollercoasters


As a stunning start to our forces topic, we had a whole day to make rollercoasters out of recycling! We talked about gravity and friction, and how that impacted how our rollercoasters would work. The rollercoasters had to be made of at least 3 different materials and use at least 2 different adhesives. We had to make them at least 30cm tall, with turns and even a climb if possible! They had to be able to carry a marble for the entire run and catch it at the end.


It was more difficult than we expected but we worked together to create some excellent examples. It was great fun!

Phases of the Moon


Before half term, we were learning all about space. We learnt about the different phases of the moon and why we see different shapes of the moon in the night sky. Then, we got to make the different moon phases out of oreos! Afterwards, we were really lucky and we were allowed to eat them too!

Next time you see the moon in the sky, ask us which phase it is currently in.



As part of our topic this half term, we have been looking at the movement of the Earth around the Sun. In Science, we learnt about why we have night and day, and how the orbit of the Earth makes it look like the Sun is moving across the sky. 


We turned ourselves into human sundials, drawing round our shadows every hour to see what happened to them. We noticed that, even though we were in the same places, the shadows were moving and changing size too! 


Once we had talked about why the shadows were moving and changing, we then made some actual sundials from paper plates. 

Take a look at the photos below to see what we made!

Dancing like the Romans


For the last half term, we have been putting together dance routines as if we were Roman soldiers. We spent 5 weeks building up our routines, starting with an army portion then adding in daily life movements, a battle scene and finally a ball. 

We worked really hard on our performances and were very excited when Mrs Napper and Mrs Hall came to watch us this week. They were very impressed!

Have a look at some of the photos taken by our fantastic class photographer Ethan (who had to sit out of PE due to a broken arm this term). Can you work out which scene each of the photos are from?

Visit from the fire service


We were lucky enough to have a visit from Maidenhead fire service this week. We had a very interesting talk about fire safety in the home. We even had a fabulous demonstration of what to do if your clothes catch fire. 




Then we got to look at all the equipment in the fire engine and even have a look inside!

Children in Need Maths


In our maths lessons this week we have been learning about angles and circles. On Friday, as it was Children in Need day, we used our skills to design Pudsey Bear a new bandanna.


We had to practise using a pair of compasses and some given radius measurements to draw some new spots on his bandanna. Then we got to finish our designs by colouring them in.


Take a look at some our designs!

Pandora's Box


In English last half term, we were learning about myths and legends, focusing on Prometheus and Pandora. We learnt about Pandora and what happened when she opened the box she was given as a gift by Zeus. 


In our Art lessons, we had a go at designing our own versions of Pandora's box. Then we got to use air-drying clay to make them. Once they had dried, we got to paint them.


Have a look at the pictures below to see some of our designs.


All children are expected to read for at least 15 minutes each evening. Each child has a reading record that should be signed by an adult to show that they have been reading. Reading records are checked on Tuesdays and Fridays and there will be rewards for regular readers!


Topic/English Topic or English homework is set on a Monday and due back by Thursday

Maths Maths homework is set on a Friday and due back in by the following Wednesday.

Spellings Spellings are handed out on a Thursday and tested the following Thursday



The spellings for each week can now be found under the 'Spellings' link on the Year 5 year group page. 



Information for parents


Please find the recommended reading list and statutory spelling list for children in years 5 and 6 below. 

Also attached is the recommended reading list for Years 3 and 4 for children who may find reading more challenging. 



Below is a copy of our Spring 1 timetable. Please be aware that this timetable is subject to changes. 

If you want to see what we are learning about in each subject, the Year 5 topic map can be found on our year group page. 

5.1 Mrs Eaton-Price

Mrs Eaton-Price is the class Year 5 Teacher and Leader. Should you have anything you wish to bring directly to her attention, please use this form. Under our service standards, you should expect an answer within 3 school working days. Thank you.

LOVING ALL OUR NEIGHBOURS - John 15: 12 'This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.'