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All Saints Church of England Junior School

School Ethos & Values

Our Mission
All Saints Church of England Junior School welcomes children from all backgrounds and traditions.  We strive to provide an inclusive, nurturing and caring Christian environment where learning is enjoyable for all and everyone is able to develop to their full potential. The school promotes attitudes of mutual respect and responsibility, providing a sound foundation for adult life.


Our School Values and Ethos

  • To be a welcoming, happy, safe and trusted place to learn and grow
  • To encourage every child, regardless of financial circumstance, race, gender or disability, to gain the skills and experience to maximise their full potential in our ever-changing progressive world
  • To encourage enquiring minds, sound working habits, healthy lifestyles and pride in work and behaviour – for life
  • To ensure each child is nurtured intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • To encourage the positive involvement of parents, teachers, governors and the wider local community in the children’s education
  • To provide a creative curriculum which is broad, balanced, fun and effective  - and which challenges each and every pupil so that their full potential is reached
Welcome to the Spring Term. This runs from Thursday 4th January 2018 to Wednesday 28th March 2018. The midterm break is from Monday 12th February to Friday 16th February 2018.