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What is a Governing Board?

All schools in England have a Governing Board which is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school. A key role is to act as a ‘critical friend’: to support, to challenge, to ask questions, and ultimately to ensure that pupils receive the best possible education at All Saints.

The Governing Board works in close partnership with the Headteacher, staff and the local authority. Whilst Mr Rhodes is, of course, responsible for the day-to-day running of the school, the Governors work closely with him and get involved in staffing, curriculum, the school buildings and finance. The Governing Board ensures the school functions well and maintains the proper range of academic and social objectives.


Who are we?

In July 2017 the Governing Board elected to reconstitute under the 2012 School Governance Regulations. We took this decision as it allowed us to change the numbers and types of Governors we have and to appoint more people on the basis of the skills they could bring.

The Governing Board now consists of:

  • The Head teacher
  • One elected Staff Governor
  • One appointed Local Authority Governor
  • Two elected Parent Governors
  • Five co-opted Governors
  • Three Foundation Governors


The standard term of office for a Governor is four years. The chair and vice-chair are elected annually at the last meeting of the academic year.


The Chair of Governors is Mrs Rebecca Walker, who can be contacted via the school office.

Much of the work of the Governing Board is done by committees. At All Saints, we have the following committees:

  • Curriculum
  • Finance and Site
  • Pay and Performance Management 
  • Data (Pupil Progress and Attainment)


Details of Governor attendance are available at the foot of this page.

The Governing Board of All Saints is currently:

REBECCA WALKER (Co-opted Governor) (Chair of the Governing Board)

CORINNE HESKETH (Parent Governor) (Vice Chair) (Clerk to Finance & Site Committee) 

I became a parent governor in September 2014. Since joining I have been learning a lot and getting to know the hard working team that keeps All Saints running. I have lived in Maidenhead for the past ten years, and have had two children at All Saints. I work locally as a project manager in a design agency; planning exhibition stands, managing budgets and organising suppliers within tight deadlines.

CATHY MOSS (Co-opted Governor) (Chair of Finance & Site Committee)

I became a school Governor in December 2015, shortly after relocating to Maidenhead from Scotland. I have two children, one of whom is at All Saints and the other at Boyne Hill Infants.  Since my eldest started school, I’ve enjoyed being part of a school community and this motivated me to join the All Saints Governing body.  My early interactions with the staff and pupils have been so positive, and I look forward to learning more about the school and its community. Until recently, I was a research scientist in biochemistry, but now have an administrative position at Oxford University.

ELIZABETH CHOULES (Co-opted Governor) (Chair of Curriculum Committee)

I joined the Governing Board in November 2015. My daughter is in her fifth year at All Saints and I am very thankful to  the  school for providing such a caring and nurturing environment in which she has grown in confidence and ability.  I joined the governing body because I wanted to play a more active role in the school and be part of the team which shapes its future development.   Outside of  school I work part time as an HR Assistant Manager for a marketing company where I am involved in coaching managers on performance related matters, recruitment and compensation and benefits.

LAURA CLATWORTHY (Co-opted Governor) (Vice Chair of Curriculum Committee)

I went to university in London and studied English Literature before doing a year of teaching pre-school children and work experience at Inner London Primary Schools. I considered becoming a teacher but the lure of travel was too strong so I became Cabin Crew for British Airways. I have lived and worked abroad which has given me an insight and interest in diversity and different cultures which I hope will be of benefit to my role as a governor. I am enthusiastic about education and equality and have a special interest in children with SEND.  I have two children, one attended All Saints. In the process of choosing a school, I visited a large number in the area and I feel this gave me a strong understanding of what makes a good school.  I really hope that I can contribute to All Saints continuing to be an excellent school in the future.

MIKE BROAD (Foundation Governor) (Vice Chair of Finance & Site Committee)

As a past pupil of All Saints School I was keen to join the Governing Board in 2008 and I am currently Vice Chair of the Finance and Site committee. For the past five years I have been working in central London running my own photography business.  As a business owner myself I take a keen interest in the financial planning and procedures of the school and enjoy using the skills and knowledge I have amassed in my day-to-day job.  My other role on the Governing Board is as a Foundation Governor, a representative from All Saints Church. I hugely enjoy this role and I am proud to see that the Christian values and ethos remain at the heart of the school.

JACKIE KITCHEN (Co-opted Governor)

I have taught at the school on a part-time basis since September 1999 and have been a Governor at the school for over ten years.  After graduating with a law degree from the University of Warwick I qualified and worked as a Chartered Accountant (for the ‘C’ part of PWC) for ten years.  After having my children I starting helping out at my daughter’s school and was later offered a Teaching Assistant role there.  I had become very interested in primary education and decided to take yet more exams to qualify as a teacher.  All Saints offered me a role and I have been there ever since!  Having been associated with the school for so long I have a unique perspective of the history and journey the school has taken over the years.

KELLY HURLEY (Staff Governor)

I am currently part of the Year 6 teaching team and the school's Maths Leader.

HEATHER FIELDING (Foundation Governor) (Safeguarding Governor)
SHADY MAURICE (Parent Governor)
RICHARD WEST (Foundation Governor)
HOLLY NAUGHTON (Local Authority Governor)
Welcome to the second Spring Term. This runs from Monday 19th February 2018 to Wednesday 28th March 2018. This coincides with the Christian season of Lent during which our shared value is endurance: to keep going with our learning and Lenten promises despite distractions.