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Which class has the best attendance of the week?  Find out here!
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Week Ending 2nd March 2018

Despite snow and other wintry hazards, it's very well done Mrs Napper's 4 River Dolphin, achieving a marvellous 99.07%!

Week Ending 23rd February 2018

It's congratulations to 5 Sea Lion - missing 100% by just 0.74% - achieving an extremely healthy 99.26%.  Well done!

Week Ending 9th February 2018

Winning by the narrowest of squeaks - just 0.05% ahead of their nearest contenders - well done 5 Spider Monkey on 98.62% and all this despite Mr Mckrell being absent following the birth of his daughter.

Week Ending 2nd February 2018

A fantastic achievement, Mrs Cox's 3 Red Panda, given all the coughs and colds that are around - this week's champions on 98.21%

Week Ending 26th January 2018

Very well done Mrs Napper's 4 River Dolphin - you're the best attendees this week on 98.46%

Week Ending 19th January 2018

Another fantastic performance by Mrs Delgado's 5 Sea Lion with 100%.  Keep it up!

Week Ending 12th January 2018

A fantastic combined achievement for the classes of the two Assistant Heads! Mrs Borgese's 3 Saola and Mr Mckrell's 5 Spider Monkey tie with 100% each.  Very well done!

Week Ending 5th January 2018

Both Mrs Eaton-Price's 4 Tasmanian Devils and Mrs Delgado's 5 Sea Lions have started 2018 in style by both achieving 100% in the first week of the new calendar year.  Keep it up! 

Autumn Term 2017

These are the final attendance figures for the Autumn Term 2017.  Most classes met our 95% target.  Well done to 3 Saola for achieving 98.63% - an excellent achievement! This table shows the attendance achieved by each class over the term:


Year Class Name Teacher %
3 Red Panda Mrs Cox 97.43%
3 Saola Mrs Borgese & Ms Coombes 98.63%
3 Fin Whale Miss Hemmingham 98.84%
4 River Dolphin Mrs Napper 97.44%
4 Tasmanian Devil Mrs Eaton-Price 95.26%
4 Snow Leopard Mr Thomas 96.2%
5 Sea Lion Mrs Delgado 97.67%
5 Spider Monkey Mr Mckrell 97.23%
5 Malayan Tiger Mrs Hammett-Bregger 94.35%
6 Galapagos Penguins Mrs Morton 95.86%
6 Wild Dog Mrs Hurley 96.15%
6 Green Turtle Ms Fleck 96.35%


Week Ending 1st December 2017

Fantastic! Well done Mrs Delgado's 5 Sea-Lions by achieving a wonderful 100%.  A fitting start to Advent.

Week Ending 24th November 2017

Very well done Mrs Borgese and 3 Saola: 99.23%

Week Ending 17th November 2017

The highest achieving class this week was 3 Red Panda on 99.29% - well done to Mrs Cox's pupils.

Week Ending 10th November 2017

An absolutely excellent achievement by four classes: 3 Saola (Mrs Borgese), 4 River Dolphin (Mrs Napper), 5 Sea Lion (Mrs Delgado) and 6 Green Turtle (Ms Fleck) all achieved the magical 100%.  Very well done! 

Week Ending 3rd November 2017

Well done 3 Saola, 5 Spider Monkey and 6 Galapagos Penguins for all hitting the magical 100%. Keep up the fantastic work!

Week Ending 19th October 2017

Fantastic to see Mrs Napper's River Dolphin class riding high again as the champions, being on 99.04%

Week Ending 6th October 2017

Very well done Miss Hemmingham's Fin Whale class and Mrs Napper's River Dolphin class for achieving the coveted 100%.  Very well done!

Week Ending 22nd September 2017

Very well done Miss Hemmingham's Fin Whale class: for the second week you were the best-attending class, this time on on 99.58%! Can you make it a hat-trick next week by winning again?

Week Ending 15th September 2017

Congratulations Miss Hemmingham's Fin Whale class: you were the best-attending on 99.56%

Week Ending 8th September 2017

An excellent start to the new school year: well done Ms Fleck's Green Turtle class for achieving the coveted 100%.

Week Ending 14th July 2017

Very well done 3C with 99.23% - the first time you've held the trophy!

Week Ending 7th July 2017

Fantastic, 4D! 100% attendance for a whole week - keep it up!

Week Ending 23rd June 2017

Another big congratulations to 3N with 99.23% - the third time you've taken the trophy!

Week Ending 16th June 2017

Very well done 4F for being the champions this week on a very respectible 99.29%

Week Ending 9th June 2017

Very well done 6M for being just a whisker away from a perfect score: 99.63%

Week Ending 26th May 2017

Well done 3N for hitting 98.5%

Week Ending 19th May 2017

Well done 3B: 99.23% - the second time you have won the trophy. 

Week Ending 12th May 2017

3C, 6AM and 6M all share the top spot at 100%

Week Ending 5th May 2017

3N, 4J and 5C all share the top spot at 100%

Week Ending 28th April 2017

4D takes the top spot on 99.66%

Week Ending 21st April 2017

Our Attendance Trophy goes to worthy winners in its first week: well done 3B! 100%

Welcome to the second Spring Term. This runs from Monday 19th February 2018 to Wednesday 28th March 2018. This coincides with the Christian season of Lent during which our shared value is endurance: to keep going with our learning and Lenten promises despite distractions.