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4 TASMANIAN-DEVIL - Mrs Eaton-Price

Welcome to 4 Tasmanian Devil

Change of PE Days

After half term our PE days will be changing.

Indoor PE will now be on a THURSDAY

Outdoor PE will now be on a TUESDAY

It is a good idea to have your PE kit in school Monday to Friday each week so that you always have it ready for PE lessons.

Marvellous Measurements

In maths, we have been learning about metres, centimetres and millimetres. We learnt that there are 100cm in 1m, and 10mm in 1cm. 

To practise our measuring skills, we have been measuring lots of different things around the school and ourselves! We used different measuring equipment such as tape measures, metre sticks and trundle wheels. 

Some of us then had a go at converting our measures from metres into centimetres, and centimetres into millimetres. 

Have a look at the photos to see some of the different things we measured.

Exciting Electricity

Today we created different circuits from pictures to test which were complete and incomplete. We learnt that a complete circuit must have a power supply, like a battery, and wires connected to both the positive and negative ends.

Once we worked out how to make a complete circuit, we used them to test different materials to find out which ones were conductors and which ones were insulators.

Have a look at the photos below to see some of our circuits.

Certificate Winners

Well Done: Anisa, for her thoughtful and caring design for a gadget

Value (Humility): Summer



In Year 4, children will be set two pieces of homework and spellings each week. 

Spellings will be sent home on a Wednesday and tested the following Wednesday.

English (or Topic) and Maths homework will be sent home on a Friday, due the following Friday. 


No Homework this week! Enjoy half term!





Reading: You should be reading every night, and to an adult at least once a week. Please make sure an adult (or an older sibling) signs your reading record every time they here you read.

Dates for the Diary


4 TASMANIAN-DEVIL: Mrs Eaton-Price

Welcome to 4 Tasmanian! Mrs Eaton-Price is the class teacher. Should you have anything you wish to bring directly to her attention, please use this form. Thank you.

School closes for the mid-term holiday at 3.30pm on Thursday 19th October and re-opens at the usual time on Monday 30th October. We hope everyone has a lovely break.